Anodizing Finishes

The choices in the drop down menus can be overwhelming and every finish is not represented in the pictures of each product. This section is intended to give you a better idea of what each finish would look like when you place your order.


The first choice you will need to make is the surface finish of the piece. These are:

High Polish



 The plain and high polish finishes, will give any anodizing you choose a brighter feel, whereas the stonewashed and sandblasted finishes will dull the colors down, giving the pieces a tactical (non reflective) look. These characteristics can be seen more clearly in the next section.


The next choice would be the anodizing color or pattern. The standard choices in the drop down menu for anodizing options are:

Plain (No Anodizing)
Solid Copper
Solid Purple
Solid Blue
Random Snail Trail
Barbershop Swirl
Rings (or Lines)
Hot Spot

 You will also notice there are some finishes that appear in some of the pictures throughout the site which are not shown in the drop down menu. These finishes can include shades of magenta and green, stenciled patterns, hammered finishes, and dual colors. Below are some examples of such finishes.

Stenciled Skulls
Copper to Blue Fade

Hammered Finish

Hammered Finish

with Purple

Blue Anodizing

Yellow / Blue Swirl

 These are finishes that have been custom ordered by customers. If you see any finish that you like which is not displayed in the drop down menu, feel free to contact me to discuss your options. If you have something in mind which is not shown at all, I can try my best to get your titanium piece to look the way you want it.