Ordering and delivery

Where is my order confirmation?

This is automatically sent to your email address when you place an order. If you haven’t received your order confirmation within 24 hours, please get in touch at esteban@tisurvival.com just in case there’s a problem with your order. Please check your mailbox’s spam or junk folder before contacting in case the order confirmation has been diverted there.

How do I cancel my order?

There is only a short amount of time between when you place your order and when we start processing it. If you contact us straight away after ordering, via esteban@tisurvival.com, we may be able to cancel your order before it’s processed. If not, we’ll despatch your order and then you can return it to us if you wish upon receiving it.

Can I alter my order?

Sadly, we’re unable to modify your order once we’ve started processing it. If you need to order a greater quantity or an additional product, please place a new order online.

When will my order arrive?

With the exception of jewelry items and anodizing services, orders placed in the U.S. will be delivered within three to ten days, depending on your preferred shipping method. Shipping to countries outside of the U.S. may take up to 14 days. Please get in touch if your order hasn’t been delivered according to the expected timescales, and we will check your order status. Please allow an additional 4 business days for jewelry items and anodizing services. 

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

Can I track my order?

Yes. We’ll provide updates at every stage of your order, from the moment you place it, through to despatch and delivery. In your delivery confirmation emails, you’ll receive a tracking reference which you can use to check the progress of your order online.

Where are you located and where are your products made?

I am located in Florida and make all of the products on my website with the exception of the split rings and beaded chains, which I only anodize. As far as I know, there are no titanium split ring or beaded chain (verifiable) manufacturers in the U.S. and believe me, I have looked. However, the clasps on the beaded chains are made in the U.S.

I will share a funny story about the clasps. One year, while set up at the Blade Show in Georgia, I had a gentleman come to my table and look around. He noticed I had some beaded chains and asked me if I happen to have a clasp I could give him to replace the one that broke on a cheap chain that came with a sheath he had bought at the show. I told him if the chains were the same diameter it would work. So he handed me the chain with the broken tin-metal-looking clasp and I remove it and put one of mine on it. I handed it back to him and he quickly snaped and unsnapped the clasp and he tells me, "Now, you see, this is a good quality clasp!" and I lean into him and tell him, "yes, that's because it's made in the U.S." We then proceded to talk a bit and I told him about how I needed to find clasps for the chains I sell and I wanted to make sure they were quality clasps and made sure that at least that was made in the U.S. We both had a good laugh, and frankly, that interaction made my day that particular day. What I am trying to say with all this is, we should all continue to buy quality U.S. products as much as possible.


Can I return or exchange an item?

You can absolutely return your item to us, within 14 days after receiving it, as long as it’s undamaged, unused and contained in its original packaging with all tags and labels attached. You will receive a full refund, minus shipping. You can also exchange your order for something else.

How do I return an item?

You can mail back your order via USPS to:



P.O. Box 814444

Hollywood, FL 33081-4444 


Please make sure to ship with a tracking number. If you decide to ship without tracking and the order never arrives you will not receive a refund. 

My order has arrived but it’s not as I expected. What can I do?

In the rare event that your order arrives damaged or faulty, please take photos of the product in question and email me at Esteban@tisurvival.com with the details. If you just don’t like the product for any reason, we’ll gladly accept it back as a return, providing it’s in “as new” condition, in its original packaging with all labels attached.

How long does it take to return an item?

This depends on the carrier or shipping method that you choose when returning your item. Once we receive your return, we’ll notify you by email. We aim to process refunds within three days after receiving the item into our warehouse, but it can take several days for your bank or credit card provider to process the refund into your account, or onto your card.

Anodizing Services

What is your turnaround time?

My turnaround time depends on the amount of work that comes in on any given week. However, on average, you could be looking at 5 business days from the day I receive your package. 

What is the difference between a stonewashed finish and a sandblasted finish?

Both finishes will give the titanium a darker look. A stonewash finish, however, would be smooth to the touch and a sandblasted finisheill have a slightly rough feel, like fine grit sandpaper. A stonewash finish will also cause any anodizing to appear duller or more subdued.

Are there any finishes that look better with certain anodizing patterns?

This is mostly a matter of opinion, however, the random line anodizing looks great over a sandblasted or polished finish. For a stonewashed finish, a two tone finish (such as my blue denim, or lady liberty finish) looks great. 

Where do I send my parts to be anodized?

Please ship via USPS to:



P.O. Box 814444

Hollywood, FL 33081-4444 


Please make sure to ship with a tracking number and make sure your parts are securely packed. Please remember to fully dissassemble your parts before shipping to me. 

Who exactly will work on whatever I send in for anodizing?

Me. I am the only person in my shop that does anodizing. Rest assured that whatever you mail in will be treated with respect. Look at my reviews and ask around if you like. I have done anodizing work for top retail companies like GPKNIVES with zero problems. I am one of the few makers of titanium products that also anodize, so I have gathered a lot of experience since beginning in 2009, not only anodizing my own work, but the work of others.