Titanium Knife Anodizing Services

** Please read all the information below before sending me any titanium pieces to be anodized. **
I have been anodizing titanium since 2009. I anodize on average about 30 to 50 pieces a week. This includes all the titanium gear found on my website. Because of this, anodizing is second nature to me. I personally do all anodizing work and will communicate with you before, after, and during the process. I have worked with several custom knife makers in the past as well as knife retailers.


If you have anything made of titanium you would like to get anodized, please feel free to contact me using the contact page and I can quote you a custom price. Items that are smaller or larger than the average folding knife scales may be priced differently. For a general idea on what I would charge, for something up to the size of a large folding knife, it would be about $35 plus shipping back to you (any anodizing that involves the color yellow, magenta, or green, is an additional $35). If you need the piece polished, stone washed, or sandblasted as well, it would be $70 plus shipping. An additional fee of $20 would apply to pieces which need to be sanded down before they can be polished, such as a piece with a pre-existing sandblasted finish or a piece that has deep scratches. This only applies to pieces which need to be polished. If the titanium parts you want to send in already have anodizing, there may be an additional fee to remove the existing anodizing. Please contact me prior to mailing anything in if it has already been anodized. Any knife handles that need to be anodized must be disassembled prior to shipping (including all screws, washers, and detent tabs if applicable). I cannot anodize pieces with anything attached to them, such as screws or knife blades. Any handles sent partially assembled will be charged a $40 disassembly fee. I reserve the right to return parts that have been shipped partially assembled. The same applies for parts that are sent in with pre-existing anodizing.  If you have any doubts, please contact me first. 
The options listed on this page are the basic fees you are looking at for a set of knife scales. Some of the anodizing finishes I can do are not listed. You can use the "Order Notes" box to let me know of any special requests you have (for example, you may want to anodize the pocket clip of your knife a high polish blue, even though you selected a sandblasted random snail trail for the scales). Please be aware that some of these requests may have an additional fee which is not charged when you make your selection. If I have any questions, I will email you to discuss your requests and no work will be done until we are both on the same page. Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions on specific pricing, and options before or after placing your order. I usually reply to emails within hours of receiving them.


Steps to sending in work:


- Pack the piece(s) to be anodized well. Include a paper with a description of the work you want done. Include your return address, email, and phone number as well, in case I have any questions. 


- Ship the item via USPS to :


Esteban Acosta
P.O. Box 814444
Hollywood, FL 33081-4444


If you feel the need to insure the package, please do so. If you want me to insure your package when I send it back, please make a note of how much insurance you want in the "Order Notes" box. *Priority shipping must be selected at checkout. I only ship in a flat rate priority box for security reasons. Envelopes have the tendency to tear during the sorting process at the post office. *Selecting shipping with insurance during checkout will only cover the price you are paying for the work. So if you want insurance, please let me know and I will send a separate invoice for the cost of insurance.

The cost of insurance is as follows:

Amount for Merchandise Insurance Coverage Desired

$0.01 to $50


50.01 to 100


100.01 to 200


200.01 to 300


300.01 to 400


400.01 to 500


500.01 to 600


600.01 to 5,000

(maximum liability is $5,000)

$9.15 plus $1.25 per $100 over $600 in declared value

Turnaround time on anodizing and refinishing services vary depending on the amount of work that has come in before your order, but my average turnaround is 3 to 5 business days from the date I receive your package. Be sure to check out the videos below, as well as the reviews I have received by many satisfied customers. I also have hundreds of pictures listed on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest that are not on my website, so feel free to check them out and follow me.