Paracord Lanyards

Paracord lanyards are available in various colors and lengths. The short lanyards are good for use with knives and keychains and the longer ones are good for neck carry.

Fire cord is more than just paracord, it gives you the ability to make fire in any emergency situation. Perfect for everyday carry (EDC). Fire cord has the standard 7 inner strands with an additional 8th strand of fire tinder that is color coded, waterproof, and is easy to ignite. 

If you are purchasing any of my titanium lanyard beads, I can tie it to your lanyard. If you want me to tie your lanyard to a purchased ti bead, please let me know in the "order notes" box located in your shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout page. You can also send me a message through the contact page with the information.

*Beads are not included for free with any of these lanyards. they must be purchased separately. 


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