Titanium Fire Piston

The beauty behind the fire piston concept is its absolute simplicity in design and, ultimately with practice, the simplicity of its functionality. An idea that is literally centuries old, the fire piston is a marvel of compression and combustion that creates fire without flint or matches. Once one gets used to the technique, the fire piston becomes fun to use and is practical as well.

A fire piston is used to make fire. It works on the same principle of a diesel engine. Air is compressed in the tube to a point where the air gets hot enough to ignite a piece of tinder that’s placed inside the rod. It is a very reliable fire starting method in that it can get wet and still work and it has no moving parts that can break or fail. The only replaceable part on my titanium fire piston is the o-ring. They are machined out of one solid piece of titanium. They have no seams or welds. Three millimeter thick walls place my titanium fire pistons in a league of their own as far as durability and dependability. Each ti piston comes with 2 o-rings, char cloth, jute cord, and fat wood.

I only recommend using natural materials like char cloth or chaga mushroom as fuel.

* Never use any combustible liquid with these firepistons.

Dimensions: Piston Body: 85 mm x 15 mm (3 mm thick walls), Piston Rod: 97 mm x 8 mm (solid Titanium), Weight: 4.5 oz. 

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