Titanium Wedding Bands

*** I will be having surgery on my hand on 1/16 and will need to rest my hand for at least a few weeks after surgery. If you have a ring order, please contact me prior to purchasing to get a better idea of the time frame you are looking at for your order to be complete. ***

I make my rings out of solid titanium. These are not mass produced in some factory like most of the rings you see available online. I shape each titanium ring by hand, one at a time, after an order is placed. Titanium is a very inert metal and will not cause any allergic reactions. It is also very light weight. The width of these rings are about 3/8" but they can be made in custom sizes as well. I can make these in any size from a 6.5 up to a size 16. If you will be getting married in a few weeks, I can expedite ring orders and have them mailed to you within a couple of business days of your order placement at no additional charge.

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