Titanium Beaded Chains

My titanium beaded chains are available in a standard 2.4mm thickness and a beefier 4mm thickness. Various lengths are available. The standard 2.4mm chains work great with my Nitro Pods and Exo Runts as well as any of the sheaths. The thicker 4mm beaded chains work great with heavier pendants and even look great on their own.The shorter lengths can be used on key chains or as bracelets. You can choose between a steel, copper, or sterling silver connector (4mm chains only come with steel connector).

The military specs for the breaking strength of dog tag chains is between 15 lbs and 32 lbs. My standard 2.4mm titanium chains with a steel connector break at approximately 28 lbs. With a copper and sterling connector, the 2.4mm ti chain fails at the connector since copper and sterling is weaker than the steel connector. For copper, the connector fails at around 18 lbs and for sterling at 19 lbs, still within the accepted range for military dog tag chains. These beaded chains work well with my titanium dog tags which can be seen here.

If you need a length shorter or longer than what is available in the drop down menu, please send me a message for a custom invoice. 

*Note: 4mm chain has a breaking strength of about 90 lbs. Because of this, the 4mm chain is not intended for children or in cases where the chain could get snagged or pose a choking hazard.

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