Exo Flame Titanium Lighter

A full sized lighter made entirely of Ti. The o-ring seal prevents the lighter fluid from evaporating, making these lighters well suited for long term survival kits. These are modular and can be taken apart to change the flints. There is a removable cap on the bottom of the lighter which can be removed with the included spanner wrench. With full access to the fuel cavity, you have the option to stash items inside, for example, a nitro pod with extra flints or char cloth. The large flint assembly on these lighters works great as an emergency sparker to start a fire using char cloth or dry tinder in an emergency where no lighter fluid is available.

Dimensions: 24mm x 70mm, Weight: 2.98 oz.



Directions for filling lighter with lighter fluid:

**Never fill near a source of fire or flame**

  • Remove fuel cap located on bottom of lighter.
  • Fill slowly to saturate the packing with lighter fluid. Stop filling when fuel saturates the cotton packing. Never overfill. If overfilled, the lighter will leak fuel and may produce a large flame when used. Avoid getting the lighter fluid on your skin, as it is a skin irritant. If contact with skin does occur, wash the affected area promptly with mild soap and water. If irritation persists or worsens, contact your physician.
  • Reinstall fuel cap, making sure to wipe excess fluid from the lighter and your hands before igniting the lighter. Be sure the fuel can is closed and there is no spilled fuel in the vicinity before igniting. This is a flammable fluid.

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