Zirconium Lanyard Beads

Zirconium lanyard beads can be used to compliment any lanyard on a knife, flashlight, or keychain. These work great as zipper pulls as well. Due to its strength and corrosion resistance, zirconium is used to clad the fuel rods of nuclear reactors!

Available in my two most popular styles, two grooved and the Droid XL. Several anodized finishes available, including black, which is extremely durable and not an option for my titanium beads. 

Two Grooved - Length: 15mm, width: 10mm, 6.35mm diameter hole, weight: 4g. Droid XL - Length: 20mm, width: 15mm, 6.35mm diameter hole, weight: 14g.

Atomic Symbol - Zr
Atomic Number - 40
Atomic Mass -91.224 u ± 0.002 u
Melting Point - 3,371°F

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