Exo Runt Titanium Lighter and Pill Fob

My Exo Runt titanium lighters are great to carry on your keys or tuck away in a pocket or backpack. Their small design makes them very easy to carry and they take up very little space. The o-ring not only makes these ti lighters waterproof, but it also prevents the fuel inside from evaporating. This is a huge advantage over unsealed flint lighters, which lose their fuel to evaporation in a few days, even if unused. The Exo Runt titanium lighter can be converted to a pill fob by removing the lighter sleeve. The lighter sleeve can be reinstalled at any time to convert the exo runt back to a standard waterproof lighter.  Optional kydex sheaths allow you to carry your titanium lighter on your keychain. My 2.4mm titanium beaded chains go great with these lighters as well.

Outside dimensions: 49.5 mm L x 15.5 mm, Inside dimensions: 38.4 mm L x 11 mm, 3 mm lanyard hole, Weight: approximately 1 oz with lighter fluid inside.



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