Exo Tube Titanium Waterproof Storage Capsule

My exo tube titanium storage capsules can be used to store matches, batteries, medication, money, or anything else you want to keep dry and protected. The longer Exo Tube XL capsules allow you to carry longer items that may not fit in the smaller tubes. The XL works well with larger survival kits, which I can put together for you. Their 2.5 mm thick walls protect your gear from anything life can throw at them. 

Matching titanium, zirconium, and copper lanyard beads, as well as paracord, can be ordered and tied to any capsule purchased. My titanium spectra spools fit perfectly in these and make a great addition to any survival kit.

Son of Exo Tube - Outer Dimensions: 90mm x 30mm. Inner Dimensions: 60mm x 25mm. Weight: 4.2 oz.

Exo Tube - Outer Dimensions: 110mm x 30mm, Inner Dimensions: 80mm x 25mm. Weight: 6.5 oz.

Exo Tube XL -Outer Dimensions: 210mm x 30mm, Inner Dimensions: 180mm x 25mm. Weight: 9.5 oz.

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