Titanium Toothpicks

My titanium toothpicks make great additions to any survival kit. The toothpicks can be used as needles by attaching thread to the groove at the base. Optional leather sheath allow you to carry them on your keys or even around one of my titanium beaded chains. Titanium beaded chains can be found here: titanium beaded chains. A titanium key ring can also be attached to the sheath to allow easy attachment to any keychain. I offer several different size ti key rings which can be purchased here: titanium key rings. These titanium toothpicks make a great addition to my Exo Vial capsules and titanium spectra spools.

Toothpick Dimensions: Length: 58mm, width: 3.2mm at base and .85mm at the tip, weight: 1g. 

Sheath Dimensions: 3-1/4" x 5/8", weight: 4g.



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