Titanium Spectra Spools

I designed these titanium spectra spools to fit inside my titanium capsules. The standard size is designed for use with my Exo Tube capsules and the micro size is for use with my Exo Vial capsules. They can be used to carry spectra line to use for fishing, snares, or trip wire. These ti spools are available with or without spectra line. Several anodized finishes are available. I recommend spooling these with spectra line since its diameter to strength ratio is unmatched by anything available. My titanium toothpicks can slide inside the center hole of both spools to save space inside the capsules.


Standard      23.5mm x 15mm, 6mm hole. Weight: 5.2g

Micro            20mm x 9mm, 3.5mm hole. Weight 1.7g

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